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Zucker would not comment specifically on NBC News' decision Tuesday to suspend "NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams for
Last week, CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker delivered a message to those critical of the network's move: "I don't give
“Last month, CNN was the fastest growing network in all of television -- not just news, not just cable, all of television
CNN has inked an agreement to launch a 24-hour news channel in Indonesia. The network revealed its plans Friday. CNN Indonesia
The memo underlined a message that Zucker has pushed ever since he arrived at CNN at the beginning of the year, and that
CNN's new morning show ushered in some good news for the network. Following its debut last week, "New Day" demonstrated ratings
Strombolopoulos said the biggest adversaries of CNN and cable news in general are comedians, who poke fun without understanding
The 30-second spot shows alarm clocks buzzing at 6:00 a.m., a person brushing their teeth, turning on the shower and then
Did Jeff Zucker snub MSNBC? The new CNN president was reportedly spotted arriving at MSNBC's White House Correspondents' Dinner
One of the ways he hopes to do that, he said, is by creating "compelling programming." In addition to bringing on Anthony