jefferson county school board

But at least spending by those registered committees will be eventually reported. As seen in the nationally-attention-grabbing
Control of the Colorado Senate swings in the balance next year, with the Democrats hoping to pick up one itsy bitsy state Senate seat and the Republicans clinging to a majority of one itsy bitsy Senate seat. And that seat is most likely in Jefferson County.
The recall vote had become a "proxy war" between teachers unions and conservative reformers.
"I think we are a harbinger of education reform, what can persist and succeed and what cannot."
You don't accuse your opponents of acting like Nazis unless... they're actually factually acting like Nazis. And obviously
"APUSH rejects the history that has been taught in the country for generations," Williams said in a statement about her proposal
Who has something to gain by mobilizing the students to protest a censorship that hasn't even been proposed?
Democratic state Sen. Andy Kerr, who is up for re-election in a year when his party is protecting its one-seat majority in
In an interview on KOA 850-AM Tuesday, gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez sharply criticized Jeffco students and teachers who've been protesting against a proposed curriculum review, saying the conflict is "really" about merit pay, not the curriculum.
How disappointing that a majority of the school board chose to disregard student protests and pass a curriculum review proposal designed to identify "objectionable materials" in high school curricula, starting with U.S. history, presumably to remove those materials if they do not meet the ideological criteria of the school board members.