jeffrey clark

The judge previously rejected a similar effort by former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.
The Obama-era DOJ official noted that Trump's co-defendant engaged in a "neopagan ritual" of his own.
Jeffrey Clark lashed out at another former Justice Department official, Neal Katyal, for attending what he called a "neopagan ritual."
The former White House chief of staff and former Justice Department official separately argued to bar their arrests as they seek to move the case to federal court.
The former Justice Department official is miffed about “the choice of making rushed travel arrangements to fly into Atlanta" or face being labeled a fugitive.
Jeffrey Clark, a former top Justice Department official, said "witches, spiritists and mediums" were attacking him.
Jeffrey Clark signaled he was ready to overthrow the government amid “riots in every major city,” according to the latest indictment against the former president.
The GOP former California governor hit back at Jeffrey Clark with an old photograph — and a sarcastic message.
Federal investigators searched the former Justice Department official's home in June and recovered his electronic devices, his lawyers said.
The DOJ official, Jeffrey Clark, wanted to send a letter that then-White House counsel Pat Cipollone called a "murder-suicide pact" claiming election fraud.