jeffrey clark

Trump considered installing Clark as his attorney general in the desperate waning days of his presidency.
The former assistant attorney said he would not answer questions based on Trump’s assertions of executive privilege.
Jeffrey Clark wanted to open a voter fraud investigation even after top Justice Department officials had found that there was no widespread fraud to probe.
Clark personally met with Trump to plot ways the Justice Department could help him stay in power.
The MSNBC host said former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark "essentially plotted with Trump to use the DOJ to foment Trump’s coup."
Jeffrey Clark pleaded guilty to a gun charge in July and served nearly 10 months in custody.
Jeffrey Clark thought the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter was a "hero." A federal prosecutor said Clark was "a bomb" waiting to explode.
Jeffrey Clark, who said the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims "deserved" it, has been in custody since his November arrest.
A neighbor in Washington’s Bloomingdale neighborhood warned a cop about extremists Jeffrey and Edward Clark. It wasn’t enough.
Jeffrey Clark wasn't shy about being a white supremacist. But it was only after his family reported him that authorities arrested him on gun charges.