jeffrey epstein

The Justice Department’s watchdog says “a combination of negligence and misconduct” enabled financier Jeffrey Epstein to die by suicide at a federal jail.
The bank was accused of loaning Epstein money even though it knew about his sex trafficking practices. The bank denied this.
The Associated Press has obtained more than 4,000 pages of documents related to Jeffrey Epstein’s jail suicide.
JPMorgan Chase made the allegation in response to a lawsuit from the U.S. territory where the accused sex trafficker had lived.
The now-dead sex trafficker allegedly emailed Gates the veiled threat after failing to convince the billionaire to participate in a charity fund he tried to start.
The women accused the German bank of facilitating the late financier’s sex trafficking.
The Virgin Islands wants to subpoena Twitter's owner for documents as it looks to hold JPMorgan Chase liable for sex trafficking acts committed by financier Epstein.
A Florida appeals court has opened the door for the possible release of transcripts of the grand jury investigation into notorious sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.
A federal judge ruled Dimon must undergo questioning by lawyers handling lawsuits over whether the bank can be held liable over Epstein’s sexual abuse.
The New York bank alleges Jes Staley aided in hiding Epstein’s yearslong sex abuse and trafficking in order to keep the financier as a client.