Jeffrey Katzenberg

Twenty years later, the behind-the-scenes rivalry between DreamWorks' "Antz" and Disney's "A Bug's Life" gets a new twist.
Jeffrey Katzenberg, who has denounced Harvey Weinstein, reportedly said he wouldn't know the "Breakfast Club" actress "if she sat on my face.”
"You have done terrible things to a number of women," the former Walt Disney Studios chairman — and Weinstein's friend more than 30 years — wrote.
"I cannot in any way say this is OK with me," the media mogul said.
Monday Evening the Beverly Hilton Hotel's grand ball room was the venue for the Silver Circle Gala, benefitting the famous free Venice Family Clinic which has been in operation since 1947 and serves over 24,000 needy families, children and teens every year.
Jeffrey Katzenberg is really grateful for his Tesla Model S.
A League of Their Own's Geena Davis, is doing something extremely important this week in, of all places, Bentonville, Arkansas. The Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media has is supporting her effort to call attention to the unacceptable reality in which women, both behind and in front of the camera, find themselves in Hollywood.
"My goal as a composer is to move you; to help you get to where the picture is taking you. If I have to slap you, I'll do that. If I need to hold your hand, I'll do that too."
There is a lot of discussion about the future of the film industry. Jeffrey Katzenberg predicted recently at the Milken Conference that movie distribution will be completely reinvented in 10 years from now.
UPDATE: 4:12 p.m. ET -- Obama will push his economic agenda at DreamWorks Animation in Glendale, Calif., on Tuesday. Before
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Bookstores are dying, reading scores are plummeting and the quality of entertainment sinks like a stone, weighed down by the receding interest of Gen-X and millennial audiences in any form of entertainment that takes too long to watch or too much attention to absorb.
That's what Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of Dreamworks Animation, was hoping for when he revealed at the Mipcom mart in Cannes