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Revelers and roasters hit the Red Carpet for The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco with spunk and fervor recently and their target was clear: To poke fun at the eclectic Oscar nominee/filmmaker/artist/Yale student/teacher/esoteric, creative beast.
The Fog "San Francisco should go back to its original name: sh*thole with fog." People sure have been tearing apart San Francisco
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The Burn with Jeff Ross Get More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows On Tuesday's episode of “The Burn,” comedian
"Not only is this ridiculous, it's the plot of 'Castaway,'" Ross jokes about the Notre Dame football player's claims that
Monday, September 17th marks the the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street's launch in 2011. While the movement has
Jeff Ross' new roast-themed show The Burn debuted on Tuesday, and one of the highlights was this "Friendly Fire" segment
Jeff Ross thinks that the framers of the Constitution left out one important detail from our election process. He thinks
But you know how they say, "don't get mad, get even"? Kimmel made a call to "Roastmaster General" Jeffrey Ross, fresh off
Video produced by Carol Hartsell. Music by Incompetech. We're gearing up for the premiere of Comedy Central's Roast Of Roseanne