Jeffrey Smith

The online "Sedition Hunters" helped an officer’s widow untangle a web of evidence that tells the story of what happened to her husband that day.
In a stark demonstration of the power of the agrochemical industry to dictate the terms of our nation’s food safety system
One might wonder what would motivate someone to embark on a campaign of hostility toward innovations in food and agriculture that have already delivered enormous benefits around the world, particularly to small farmers in developing countries?
On Tuesday, the Hawai'i County Council will decide whether to form an ad hoc committee of council members to analyze GMO issues and give the council recommendations for action. Otherwise, the mayor will do the analysis in-house.
Meanwhile, eat defensively. Connect with organic produce, connect with whole food. Doing so connects us with our own humanity -- the magical spark Frankenstein and his monster dearly needed. We need it, too.
Not sure exactly what genetically modified or engineered foods are? Well, fasten your seat belt folks, 'cause it's a bumpy ride.
Frankenstein waited too long to make things right. It's not too late for us.
Studies indicate genetically modified crops pose risks to the planet, by means of contamination and dangerous loss of biodiversity