Jeffrey Toobin

One person wondered "which sank lower" -- Giuliani's reputation, "or his hand down his pants?"
The legal analyst is also stepping away from CNN after what he called “an embarrassingly stupid mistake.”
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CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin called it "the most corrupt and cronyistic act in perhaps all of recent history." Many other legal experts agreed.
CNN's legal analyst slammed Twitter's "corporate gibberish" response following its failure to delete the president's latest conspiratorial posts.
CNN’s chief legal analyst also explained the “chilling corollary” of Trump’s clemency blitz.
The famed Watergate journalist accused the GOP Senate majority leader of setting a dangerous precedent.
CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin called the attorney general "a Fox News bot."
CNN's chief legal analyst revealed the main takeaway of the Justice Department inspector general's report.
CNN’s chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin also predicted a separate article of impeachment being added against Trump.