Jeffrey Toobin

CNN's chief legal analyst broke down what the "spate of craziness" really means.
"Perhaps actually saying & doing it out loud would have a bigger impact," suggested the MSNBC host.
CNN’s chief legal analyst called out Barr for repeating Fox News talking points.
CNN's chief legal analyst wrote in The New Yorker that the system had "never contemplated a President like Donald Trump."
CNN chief legal analyst says there "is no doubt" the attorney general "distorted the meaning" of the special counsel's report.
Barr’s behavior was “not that of a geriatric, it is that of a partisan," CNN’s chief legal analyst suggested.
CNN’s chief legal analyst said the conservative network’s “echo chamber is going to announce this as a vindication regardless of what the 400 pages say.”
Fox News' primetime hosts celebrated. Others took a more measured tone.
The CNN legal analyst seemed dumbfounded by Stone's actions after a judge imposed a gag order against him.
“This is a Republican Party that has absolutely no principles except supporting Donald Trump," said the network's chief legal analyst.
"This is a judge who has had it with Paul Manafort," CNN chief legal analyst says.
"I have seen actual deer in actual headlights who express themselves more clearly," Toobin said.
It "reinforces every bad stereotype about the news media," said the legal analyst.
The CNN analyst had two reasons. And he warned: "This is what happens in authoritarian countries."
Toobin called the network's afternoon shows "the journalism zone." Primetime, however, is something else.
Santorum denied Toobin's claim that he was "making excuses" for Donald Trump's conduct.
The legal analyst said Republican lawmakers have lashed themselves to Trump and are willing to go "down with the ship."