Jeffrey Wright

The movie is set for release in the U.K. on April 3, and in the U.S. five days later.
The actor shares a light moment on set and once again plays his badass spy in a few scenes.
He’s “that guy” in every HBO series — and "that android" in “Westworld” — but chances are, you don't know anything about the real Jeffrey Wright.
As I waited one morning to interview Jeffrey Wright and Luke Hemsworth about Westworld, I listened in on their conversation
We cannot spend all our time with the like-minded. At some point we have to leave our echo chambers and uphold our positions. There is no perfectly safe way to be true to ourselves.
Mockingjay Part 2 is the best of the Hunger Games Trilogy. It is thrilling. A nail biter. After two movies based on the same source material, one would think, 'Enough.' But Mockingjay Part 2 surprises and proves the ending of this saga is the most powerful.
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) -- Even though Jeffrey Wright has won a Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe, and appeared in more than
In addition to Jeffrey Wright's latest roles in Catching Fire and Boardwalk Empire, he talks about his distinguished career and process for choosing roles. Wright also discusses his beloved Washington Redskins and the debate over the team's name.
It is painful to think that the first introduction that some viewers are having to W.E.B. DuBois and Marcus Garvey is through the lens of this television show, however brilliant the writing, cinematography and acting.
"How can you live for so long and still not get it?" Tilda Swinton asks in "Only Lovers Left Alive." That's kind of what
So you channeled specific people’s stories into a composite character? Right, and one of them sat with me every day on set
"It's an epic, epic story," Wright said. "It does have all the bells and whistles. It's big-budget stuff. But at the same
Just a few days before the premiere of "Boardwalk Empire" Season 4, Jeffrey Wright discussed his new character, Harlem gangster
Actor Jeffrey Wright joins HuffPost Live to discuss his role in "The Hunger Games" and how he hopes he doesn't screw it up.
Jeffrey Wright joins HuffPost Live to discuss the background behind his character on "Boardwalk Empire."
Hall told NBC Miami that Longo encouraged her husband to punch and even shoot him. Luckily police arrived on the scene before