jeh johnson

“One would argue there’s the collusion, the conspiracy, right there. The president himself is directly soliciting," former Homeland Security secretary says on MSNBC.
After the arrest of an alleged white-supremacist terrorist in the Coast Guard, Jeh Johnson said the shift away from domestic threats was "going in the wrong direction."
If they think about resigning from the Trump administration, "I’d say, ‘absolutely not, you have to stay,’” said Jeh Johnson.
Obama's homeland security secretary had just testified on the issue the day before.
Jeh Johnson defended the Obama administration's reluctance to go public with its findings amid "a very heated campaign."
Jeh Johnson stressed the importance of the government's promise to people who applied for deportation relief.
The Department of Homeland Security is reviewing whether it should stop relying on for-profit companies to run detention centers.
The Department of Homeland Security is reviewing the policy after the landmark decision to phase out privatized federal prisons.
"I believe that meaningful, responsible gun control is part of homeland security."