"The only thing I could think of to do was to pick her up, so I picked her up," 17-year-old Ariana Luterman said.
What better way to show your love of America than American flag jell-o shots?
For tips on how to make your own Lego mold out of silicon like the one featured in the video, this Instructables post has
"As you can see, 'beer pong' is not listed among the suggested items of use," Mary Howard, ‎associate athletics director
I know what you're thinking. Jell-O shots? Don't those belong at a sorority party, stuffed stickily inside a fleet of wilting Dixie cups, on a tray resting haphazardly on a beer pong table?
While the brand extensions we'll be taking a look at today might have made sense to some exhausted brand development executive somewhere, they certainly weren't hits with the general public.
Shrimp, frosting and Jell-O are three words we never want to see in the same sentence again.
Reddit gave us one Grandma's crazy vintage recipe. Want to see what it's like in real life?
Since the advent of Twitter, the hashtag #FML has been a well-known, if not overused, expression of self-pity. But all this
As you can probably guess, I consider chicken fried steak to be America's single greatest contribution to world cuisine, far outpacing such plebeian fare as hamburgers and Hot Pockets.
Summer is finally upon us, and with the seasonal shift come the obligatory outdoor barbecues, the fireworks of July Fourth
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