Writer Maya Kosoff tweeted out a request for "weird inexplicable retro family recipes," and the results are eye-opening.
Our aversion to jello salad isn't just picky eating -- it has roots in instinct, evolution and cultural conditioning.
We can all agree that Jello shots are next-level party treats. Serve funfetti cake AND jello shots, and your party is an instant success. Now combine the two into funfetti Jello shots and -- kablam! -- minds are blown.
All over The Chic Site I feature tons of treats that are absolutely delicious! However, some of my favorite recipes require absolutely no baking at all! Take a look at all my easy to make desserts that you are going to love!
Unlike spokespeople that age, die, have affairs and do other things that can damage your brand, mascots are ageless brand representatives that help your target audience develop a closer relationship with your products.
Three meals a day, and an endless graze of snacking is what's killing us. Although there's no science behind the idea of
Enjoy these delicious puddings with a dollop of whip cream, sprinkles, or simply enjoy them as they are.
John and Jackie Kennedy's Virginia country house is on the market -- it was the only house that the Kennedys built together, and for just under $11 million, you can have your own 160-acre Camelot in horse country.