“It was very humbling to be swimming alongside of it,” said the woman who encountered it.
A diver’s video of a swim off the coast of Bali is exposing the shocking epidemic of ocean pollution in Indonesia and around the world.
He had good intentions, but his forensic skills were sorely lacking.
You're probably already familiar with head lice (whether you've had it yourself, or know someone who has). But have you heard of sea lice? If you've got any beach plans this summer -- particularly in Florida or elsewhere in the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean -- listen up.
They found it swimming two miles beneath the ocean in one of the deepest ocean trenches on the planet.
The jellyfish, called Velella velella or "purple sailors," are considered relatively harmless to humans.
In the Suez Canal's first fifty years, ten Red Sea species traveled to the Mediterranean. In its second fifty years, the number increased nearly ten-fold. Today, the number of Red Sea species in the Mediterranean is 447, the majority migrated in the last forty years as the Canal became wider, deeper, and less salty.
Republican Rep. Tom Kirby, who has served since 2012, has posted a list of his top issues on his website. Among them he names
One of the most prolific Cnidarians along the Southeastern Seaboard is the cannonball jellyfish, also known as the cabbage
Learn how to cook and prepare jellyfish to make a delicious, savory salad.