Jemele Hill

On air Thursday, Le Batard criticized the network's policy of avoiding politics as "weak-ass" and "cowardly."
“It is challenging ... and to be honest with you, it is also hurtful," the Democratic senator said.
"Shout-out to Jay Z and Beyonce for being them," the journalist wrote on Twitter.
"I didn’t even think it was controversial,” the former ESPN host said.
The journalist discussed the LeBron James' Showtime documentary series "Shut Up and Dribble" that she narrates.
The departing ESPN journalist will cover "the intersection of sports, race, politics, gender, and culture.”
She was controversially suspended last year after calling Donald Trump a white supremacist.
“This is the biggest accomplishment of my career.”
The former “SportsCenter” anchor denies claims made in an ex-colleague's lawsuit.
She will be working at ESPN’s sports culture website, The Undefeated.
The "SportsCenter" host has been off the air for two weeks.
Racism remains a prominent, pervasive, intractable stain on the American flag.
"Why are most Rich & Powerful white men, so intimidated by capable Black Women?" Tichina Arnold tweeted.
The suspended anchor has called the president a "white supremacist."
ESPN has suspended SportsCenter host Jemele Hill following tweets suggesting the most effective way to protest the Dallas Cowboys is via advertisers. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently announced he would bench any player that “disrespected” the American flag.