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The "Drinking and Talking" continues as HuffPost's Sam Stein is joined by Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz, Yahoo News! White House correspondent's Oliver Knox, April Ryan, and HuffPost's own Jen Bendery. This time they discuss exactly what goes on inside the White House briefing room.
Huffpost's Jen Bendery decides to kick email and live like Sen. Lindsey Graham. This is what happened.
Finally, famous media people are leaving their famous media jobs. But did they jump, or were they pushed? Listen to this
He acknowledged that the administration is “not comfortable” with the legacy it's leaving on campaign finance, having had
It's not just because they make up more than half of the population, or because their numbers in Congress keep growing, or
In sports, trash talking can be a potent weapon in puffing up the collective team ego while cutting that of the opposition