jen richards

CBS's "Clarice" will star Jen Richards, who has vowed to explore the "complicated legacy" of the original's serial killer through her role. The show begins Feb. 11.
"My hope is that we open some eyes while cracking some smiles."
"I'd like to see gender queer representation and non-binary representation. I'd like to see us as both heroes and villains. I'd like to see us as love partners. I'd like to see us as doctors and lawyers. I'd like to see us on screen where our trans identity wasn't the only reason we're part of the story."
"This is, at its heart, a universal story about two couples getting to know one another."
The "I Am Cait" cast member says every trans person she knows has been through a similar ordeal.
My excitement and anticipation to finally see the conversation on television turned into me feeling hurt and further silenced by the end of the episode. My story -- and the story of TransTech -- had been truncated down to the fact that I had once been involved with sex work.