That generation is being trained at The Freedom Theatre. This powerful message apparently was lost on New York's acclaimed
This month, Sderot, a city less than a mile away from Gaza, which has for the last decade been under an intermittent barrage of rocket attacks, hosted the annual Cinema South Festival.
Juliano was, as his daughter Milay eloquently said at his funeral, "100 percent Arab and 100 percent Jewish." To kill a person like Juliano is like killing peace itself.
The project generated hostility from some Palestinians. In an interview with Reuters in 2009 Mer Khamis said this was because
Reading the Washington Post's coverage of the upheaval in the Arab world one day this week, I did a little "thought experiment."
Crossing from northern Israel to the Negev desert and ending up in Jerusalem, Khatib encounters every complexity of the conflict
Israelis are counting on President Obama maintaining the U.S.'s traditional strong support for Israel's right to defend itself