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All men must die take selfies with Harry Potter. The worlds of Westeros and Hogwarts finally crossed paths at San Diego
The final crucial moment came in the lies Clara and The Doctor successfully told each other. On one hand we saw The Doctor
After a tragic phone call with Danny, Clara attempts to black mail The Doctor into rewriting history. She is so distressed
"Kill The Moon" made it seem like The Doctor pushed Clara the furthest she could go, just as Danny had predicted, causing
But I digress. My point is that Matthew Rhys and Anna Maxwell Martin are not only fine actors in their own right, they are
I'll admit my love of graffiti and digital art makes me pretty biased towards this week's episode 'Flatline.' But all that
Did anyone else notice that the planet Doctor and Clara landed on was oddly similar to "New Earth," where the Doctor took
It's going to be interesting to see how this plays into the overall arc of the season. We know that "the woman from the shop
One of the biggest strength of "Doctor Who" is in the emotional bonds that the Doctor builds with his companions. While classic
"Doctor Who" airs on Saturdays at 9:00 pm EDT on BBC America . I was very disappointed by the portrayal of Miss Delphox/Madame