Jenna Ellis

The former Trump attorney's comments were brutally mocked on social media.
The leaker was a lawyer for Misty Hampton, a co-defendant in the case who once worked as a local election administrator.
Jenna Ellis told investigators a senior White House aide insisted to her that Trump was just going to “stay in power” despite losing the 2020 election.
But the former Trump attorney remained defiant in a 2020 interview.
The “Late Night” comedian mocked the former president for teaching them one thing.
The former Trump attorney pleaded guilty in the Georgia election interference case.
The late-night host spots three ominous developments for the former president.
"She can cry all she wants, but she’s definitely not a victim," one critic said of the sobbing former Trump attorney who took a plea deal in the election conspiracy case.
Ellis, along with Trump and 17 other co-defendants, was charged by a grand jury in August over her role in an effort to undo Joe Biden's 2020 election win.
Harry Litman said this person could become "dangerous" for the former president.