Jenna Ortega

The actor, known for her role in the 1960s sitcom "The Addams Family," suffered a stroke, her friend said.
A new Ghostface is ready to terrorize the city that never sleeps.
The “Wednesday” star handled her funny slip-up like a pro.
The routine starts with a nod to Thing – the hand character in “The Addams Family” franchise.
"I don’t know what it is about having blood thrown on your face ... but it really is so therapeutic,” she told Jimmy Fallon.
Jenna Ortega's character doesn't have to lean into the "spicy Latina" stereotype or adopt a fake accent in order for us to understand her as a Latine character.
The actor gushed about her “pretty dark sense of humor” and revealed how she relates to the cryptic character.
“They were giving me medicine between takes,” the actor revealed last month, sparking outcry among social media users.
The actor admitted that she was “really insecure” about filming the scene that gained millions of views in mere days.
A German thriller and a nature docuseries are also trending on the streaming service.