Jenna Ortega

A sex scene between Ortega, 21, and Martin Freeman, 52, appears in the new erotic thriller.
Filmmaker Christopher Landon’s departure comes shortly after Melissa Barrera was fired from the movie and Jenna Ortega said she would not be returning.
The news of the actor's departure from the film comes amid the firing of her co-star, Melissa Barrera.
The “Wednesday” star reportedly responded to the gossip pretty swiftly as well.
Ortega broke down what "Wednesday" fans should expect the show to "lean into" in its next season.
Warner Bros. just announced the sequel’s release date — and Hollywood’s new “it girl” will play a pivotal role.
Steven DeKnight criticized the "Wednesday" star, even though he never worked with her.
Armisen, who stars with Ortega in the hit series "Wednesday," filled in for her body double in a remake of the Lindsay Lohan-led film.
The "Saturday Night Live" host and the sketch show alum tackled part of the monologue together this weekend.
The "Wednesday" star played "Box of Lies" with Jimmy Fallon and came up short.