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"I didn’t know at the time what was going on with me," the "Dirty Dancing" actor recalled of her experience on the set of the beloved series.
“If you’re going to do that movie again, it has to be right,” the actor told "Good Morning America" of a planned follow-up to the 1987 classic.
The “Dirty Dancing” star reflects on her brief engagement to Depp in her upcoming book, “Out of the Corner.”
“In the world's eyes, I was no longer me,” the “Dirty Dancing” star said of life after her rhinoplasty.
“Dirty Dancing”celebrates its 30th anniversary this summer.
Some 33 years after mastering that gravity-defying lift, Baby Houseman is back to help a new version of the beloved classic find footing in the 21st century.
"I Am Patrick Swayze" will hit the Paramount Network on Aug. 18, which would have been the actor's 67th birthday.
“Dirty Dancing” celebrates its 30th anniversary this summer.
Writer Eleanor Bergstein explains why German viewers didn't see Johnny say, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."