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Jennifer Lawrence has been making the press rounds for "X-Men: Days of Future Past" over the last few weeks, and on Friday
So, for all of you who don't have a Jennifer Lawrence Google alert set up already, we give you a roundup of her most lovable moments of the past year.
25. When she told Glamour that she hates exercising. 30. And this one. 13. When we learned how much she likes pizza. 26. When
Jennifer Lawrence had to delay her "Late Show" appearance, because of a health scare that turned out to just be really bad
Jennifer Lawrence may be everyone's hilarious, exuberant spirit animal, but it turns out the Oscar-winning actress wasn't
Jennifer Lawrence has been known to drop some serious knowledge about body image ("If anybody even tries to whisper the word
Twenty-three years ago today (Aug. 15), Jennifer Lawrence graced the world with her presence, destined to be the slightly
“I think that going from one set to the next to the next will eventually take a toll," Mr. Lawrence adds. "I hope at some
And if she is perceived as such, you can't chalk it up to trying. "The other day I had pizza for breakfast, buffalo wings
ET: "How are you feeling, amazing?" Lawrence: "Really, really, really good." ET: "I knew you were going to win, everybody