jenny holzer

Some of the women behind the #NotSurprised open letter explain why they refuse to remain silent.
Her 1977 "Inflammatory Essays" are eerily relevant today.
Ibiza isn't all club kids and sun-kissed beaches.
On the evenings of April 21 and 22, the banks of the River Tiber in Rome will come alive with light, shadow, and music, in a free, public, site-specific performance along the Piazza Tevere.
The winds of change, imaginary currents of invention and practicality, often find their way by slowly drifting into an urban neighborhood that has the potential to be reinvigorated into an area with a more useful purpose.
Art and nature: the outdoor sculpture park offers the best of both worlds. Especially during the summer holidays, when we're eager to trade in weary museum-legs for the invigorating effects of the nature hike, without sacrificing the need to view and appreciate great artworks.
Frida Kahlo's cherished Blue House sits on a modest lot in Mexico City's Colonia del Carmen neighborhood in Coyoacán. Originally
This summer at the NYBG, Kahlo is queen, with a comprehensive exhibition transforming the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory into
This year's Frieze Talks program exhibits a strong streak of humor and irony, promising to transform the auditorium appendage at the north end of the Frieze tent from a room you might accidentally wander into when you're looking for a bathroom, to the room that you're actually looking for.