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Give Amy Allen a capital "A" for effort while the singer-songwriter also makes an upper case for herself in the Ambition Department. Backed by the group she started forming in February 2014, Allen is revving up for a promising music career with Amy & the Engine.
With more than 70 acts, six stages and all sorts of fun in the sun, Hangout set a high standard that will be difficult for others to match during this outdoor concert season. The three-day event (May 15-17) in the Deep South is no longer a deep secret.
You can always count on Jenny Lewis to release awesome music videos with the best celebrity cameos. Last year, the singer
This spot the next several days will feature upcoming artists who were performing at the 2015 Hangout festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama, from May 15-17. It kicks off with Zella Day, a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Pinetop, Arizona, who now resides in Los Angeles.
Every year Coachella goers expect a substantial line-up that offers at least a little bit for everybody, and this year was no exception.
"Having had two children, I felt the transition into motherhood was a moment that was somewhat invisible from our culture
Besides the chart-topping female artists who transformed their views on gender equality into catchy hits in 2014, there were
"2014 Forest Hills Drive" by J. Cole Announcing the release of his new record, but following with no singles or promotion
2014 is winding down, but The Belle Brigade will likely feel it, love it, and live it long after the ball drops in Time Square
There is also something about the old becoming new again for the audience. The mix is comforting, yet has that element of surprise.
We are so sick of talking about "Fancy." It's not the song of the summer we deserve, but it's the one we got. Here's what
Wait, so that was her choice? Yes! One hundred percent. How could I possibly have come up with that? You’ve talked so much
Let's give Jenny Lewis all the video music awards right now for "Just One Of The Guys." Starring Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart
Jenny Lewis, lead singer of band Rilo Kiley, lived in the same apartment complex as Tamborello at the time, added vocals
[via Pitchfork] The Postal Service's forthcoming reissue of "Give Up," the band's only album, will include two new tracks