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The "Parks and Recreation" star said her beau makes her feel "happy and free."
The actress and comedian will speak at Cuttyhunk Elementary School, a one-room schoolhouse, with only one graduating 8th grader. Slate’s audience will be Gwen Lynch, this year’s lone graduate of the school that goes up to 8th grade, her family and other Cuttyhunk residents.
A revealing conversation with the actress about her new movie, "The Sunlit Night," and her quest for self-discovery.
The "Captain America" actor has never had a bad breakup.
Evans had only kind words for his ex-girlfriend in an interview.
A few words on "The Big Sick," "The Incredible Jessica James" and "Landline."
"You look like someone's cousin or a boy from camp who was, like, my crush."
My favorite scene is when Duke and Max run into a sausage factory during their journey home. At the factory they, of course
"It's kind of like I got my dream seventh grade boyfriend," Slate said.