Jeremy Jordan

A photo on Twitter has derailed Charly's morning. Beth finds her in hysterics, the opposite of ready for her appearance on
With The Last Five Years, Lagravanese was aiming small. He wasn't seeking out the mall crowds but that bijou contingent of folks who can tell the difference between Kelli O'Hara and Patti Lupone.
I made it to the 8:20 a.m. showing of, "The Last Five Years," and loved it. Nothing like a musical to start the day, not to mention, transport you to New York City via the story of a struggling actress, played by Anna Kendrick, newly married to the "It" author of the moment, played by Jeremy Jordan.
Tony Award-winning composer and lyricist Jason Robert Brown often finds himself with little time to write. With multiple
I have never really liked cabaret (small "c"). I didn't know this years ago. When I first started writing about theater, I thought it would be great to see actors I liked in solo performances. Then I started going.
At the annual Miscast Gala in 2013, which is presented by MCC Theater, Jordan sang the Smash hit "Let Me Be Your Star," when Jonathan Groff came onstage and stole his thunder.
This is not a dig to say that all of Brown's music sounds the same, but simply to say that right now, in this moment, Brown is doing what he does best.
We see how an examination of the arts, and one artist in particular, has lessons for every kind of life. Stephen Sondheim, and other artists like him, do not merely entertain; they are teachers.
According to Jordan, the current incarnation of "Hit List" (which features a book by "Smash" writer Julia Brownell as well
Today's action adventure films are so full of explosions and special effects that there is little opportunity to imagine what might be going on in the hearts and minds of their major characters
"Smash" showrunner Joshua Safran is involved with the 54 Below debut of "Hit List." The concerts will feature a full band
The former Broadway star will appear in a Season 2 episode of CBS's Sherlock-centric drama as Joey Castoro, who has a connection
But many officials also saw the event as a chance to reminisce about the New York City of yesterday, which seemed particularly
"Smash's" new musical "Hit List" is moving full steam ahead and the next episode, "Musical Chairs," features a new song, "Rewrite
It’s "Smash" as you’ve never seen it before. What if Broadway vets Jeremy Jordan ("Newsies") and Jonathan Groff "(Spring
Of course, Jimmy immediately takes a shine to Karen, and their relationship takes many twists and tumbles and turns. It's
For the second season of "Smash," producers added a bunch of new, younger cast members including Jeremy Jordan's talented
"Smash" fans can go online to watch the some of the Season 2 premiere right now, instead of waiting for the Golden Globe
"Let's give 'em a show they'll never forget," Hayes' Terrence Falls exclaims at the end of the preview. Check out the video
"Smash" hit the stage at NBC's Television Critics Association winter press tour presentation Sunday, and the cast and creative