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Many Twitter users pointed out that heaven does indeed have a name: heaven.
Arrival begins when 12 UFOs touch down in random places on Earth. The whole world is panicking and the United States looks
Nearly 40 years ago Close Encounters of the Third Kind set the bar very high for sci-fi films that eschewed conventional all-out action sequences and garnered their strength from immense suspense, evocative visuals and mind-numbing mystery. Arrival is in that same elite category. Brainy. Intense. Scary. It joins a very exclusive club.
In the movie Arrival, Amy Adams plays Louise, a linguist dealing with some creatures from outer space in Denis Villaneuve's
The plot of the movie is challenging, and for me mostly unintelligible. It will make for good discussions but as for giving
American Anarchist is a documentary that tells the story of William Powell, the man who as a 19-year old wrote The Anarchist