jerry falwell jr

The political evangelical leader and Trump loyalist is facing multiple allegations about his stewardship of Liberty University.
The Liberty University president and evangelical leader also called the Virginia school's police chief a "half-wit," according to emails reviewed by Reuters.
The evangelical leader came under fire as photos undercut his denials.
Liberty University president attacks an evangelical leader with a bizarre line of logic.
John Gauger's connections to Michael Cohen are yet another example of the cozy relationship between Liberty University staff and President Donald Trump.
The students were sponsored in part by Christian nonprofit women’s group, Concerned Women for America.
The Liberty University president's comments about Donald Trump didn't go over too well on Twitter.
Jonathan Martin, who has taken aim at Jerry Falwell Jr., was escorted from campus for what the university called "public safety reasons."
Liberty University grads are returning their diplomas after their university president Jerry Falwell Jr.’s continued support of Donald Trump.
In disgrace, Ian McCaw leaves one morally bankrupt institution and is welcomed by another.
The Associated Press reported the following on November 26, 2016: RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Liberty University President Jerry
What began as an attempt to infuse American politics with fundamentalist Christianity in the 1960s with, perhaps, good intentions, has turned into a power struggle between the Religious Right elite, and the progress of American culture.
They're tired of their president making it seem like "that Trump school."
All of this means, at the very least, that Trump could have said that he brutally assaulted someone with a baseball bat and smashed the person's head in, enjoying every minute of it, laughing about it in the retelling, or even that he had killed the person, and it might well be excused by many evangelicals leaders.
The scramble to boost Trump's losing campaign is getting desperate.