jerry falwell jr

The Liberty University president faces increasing pressure to step down amid mounting scandals.
The influential evangelical leader said in a slurred voice, "I’ve apologized to everybody and I promised my kids, I’m gonna try to be a good boy from here on out.”
The Liberty University president said he was trying to make a point about Virginia's governor.
The Liberty University president has launched a series of attacks against the media.
The lawsuit also accuses the evangelical university's president, Jerry Falwell Jr., of putting students at risk by welcoming them back to campus as COVID-19 spread.
HuffPost found that the evangelical college led by Jerry Falwell Jr. gave little to no information to students in the early weeks of March, flouting CDC guidelines.
“He’ll always put his name and face before his students and their general well-being," said an alum, who studied medicine.
Lynchburg Mayor Treney Tweedy is criticizing Jerry Falwell Jr.’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.
Days after spouting conspiracy theories on Fox News, President Jerry Falwell Jr. is transitioning classes at the evangelical university online.