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“Ivanka was like, ‘Come on, dude. You gotta do it,'" Falwell told Vanity Fair.
Scott Lamb also alleges that he was retaliated against for his participation in an outside investigation conducted into the tenure of Jerry Falwell Jr.
The complaint alleges that Falwell withheld key details about a personal scandal from the school that later became public.
Twitter users responded to the ex-Liberty University president's Instagram post in the same mocking way.
The Falkirk Center, launched by Falwell and Charlie Kirk, is hurting the evangelical Christian school's reputation, some students say.
The ex-president of the evangelical Christian university stepped down in August amid reports of a sex scandal.
Falwell, who was toppled by scandals this summer, has filed a lawsuit against the evangelical university claiming defamation and breach of contract.
HuffPost obtained an August 911 call that described the former Liberty University president as intoxicated and injured.
Becki Falwell told the operator that her husband had cuts on his face from falling after he’d been drinking.
Officials said the wide-ranging inquiry will explore financial, real estate and legal matters related to its former president.
Allegations of racism, bullying and shady business deals didn't bring the ex-Liberty University president down. In the end, it was the sex stuff.
The move by the evangelical leader and Trump loyalist comes after reports about his sex life led him to take a leave of absence.
Falwell could return in some capacity to the evangelical Christian institution his father founded, people close to Liberty University claim.
The Liberty University president faces increasing pressure to step down amid mounting scandals.
The influential evangelical leader said in a slurred voice, "I’ve apologized to everybody and I promised my kids, I’m gonna try to be a good boy from here on out.”
The Liberty University president said he was trying to make a point about Virginia's governor.
The Liberty University president has launched a series of attacks against the media.
The lawsuit also accuses the evangelical university's president, Jerry Falwell Jr., of putting students at risk by welcoming them back to campus as COVID-19 spread.
HuffPost found that the evangelical college led by Jerry Falwell Jr. gave little to no information to students in the early weeks of March, flouting CDC guidelines.