Jerry Falwell Sr.

Falwell, who was toppled by scandals this summer, has filed a lawsuit against the evangelical university claiming defamation and breach of contract.
Officials said the wide-ranging inquiry will explore financial, real estate and legal matters related to its former president.
The move by the evangelical leader and Trump loyalist comes after reports about his sex life led him to take a leave of absence.
Falwell could return in some capacity to the evangelical Christian institution his father founded, people close to Liberty University claim.
The Liberty University president said warrants were issued for New York Times and ProPublica journalists reporting on his failure to close the school for the coronavirus.
The evangelical college, led by president Jerry Falwell, Jr., said it will comply with Virginia's new governmental directives concerning COVID-19.
The governor banned in-person classes after a New York Times report found students with COVID-19 symptoms were welcomed back to Liberty after spring break.
Several students have been asked to self-quarantine, while Falwell denies any students have shown symptoms.
School president Jerry Falwell Jr. has been widely criticized for welcoming students back to campus after spring break amid a global pandemic.