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The Comstock Resources shareholder is joining in the payoff as natural gas prices hit "super-premium prices."
Previously, Jones made all his players stand for the anthem, but says "That was then ... This is now.”
The talk show host and the former president exchanged laughs at the NFL game with their wives in team owner Jerry Jones' suite.
The president shouldn't meddle in whether players are allowed to kneel or not, the Dallas Cowboys owner suggested.
The Dallas owner said Trump had "reminded him" about NFL guidelines.
ESPN has suspended SportsCenter host Jemele Hill following tweets suggesting the most effective way to protest the Dallas Cowboys is via advertisers. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently announced he would bench any player that “disrespected” the American flag.
Joe Alwyn plays Billy and captures the nineteen-year-old's combination of innocence, bewilderment, and sensitivity to the
My misgivings created an image of Jerry Jones in my mind that was, to say the least, not a positive one. I've often thought that as long as he's in charge the Cowboys will never win another Super Bowl.