jerry lewis

Comedian Jerry Lewis died Sunday. Singer Jerry Lee Lewis did not.
In honor of the shitshow that is 2017, the sky will go dark today. 1. The University of Texas moved confederate statues off
"One of the greatest of all time. A legend. A showman. A comedic icon. A movie star. An activist. A one of a kind. RIP."
The beloved comic enjoyed a decades-long career.
Despite Errico's impressive resume, she says she is the most proud of being a mom to children with a sense of humor. Much
Not everything is up for grabs. Artworks created prior to the marriage and those produced after the couple has separated
Off the charts irrepressible, Jerry Lewis, a few days after his 90th birthday, took charge at his own Q&A at MoMA after a
After starting telethon 1966, pulling the plug on it was the best thing that MDA ever did. Without the darkness, they would have never seen the stars they are now aiming for.
In the tradition of Same Time, Next Year where Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn trysted annually for a quarter century, I was intimate with Jerry Lewis, every September. I'd meet him on Labor Day and we'd spend the entire night together. Drinks, dinner.
The organization's annual telethon, hosted by comedian Jerry Lewis from its inception in 1956, has seen its broadcast cut
The near-term fate of Leslie Bibb and Rachel Dratch, and the rest of the crew who made "Salem Rogers: Model of the Year 1998" is in the hands of the masses, or as many of the masses who have hit on Amazon's Pilot Season.
"Batman" aired on ABC from 1966 to 1968. There were 120 episodes. Finally "Batman: The Complete TV Series" has been released on DVD. Here's 10 reasons I Love "Batman."
Rupert Holmes: Well, it's reassuring to know that Phase Three of my Ninety-Year Plan for "The Pina Colada Song" has happened precisely as I planned it. But of course, my life won't be complete until I achieve Phase Four.
What was your day job? Ah, burlesque! Will you be wearing your mink? A version of this post also appears on Gossip Central
Margot Robbie explained how she was cast, auditioning for "Marty" in a scene using a baby/ come hither voice, completely
There's an infomercial for the Tummy Tuck that has been occurring on a channel called Cozy TV which specializes in reruns
Those were the lyrics to the National Jingle for Muscular Dystrophy's Jerry Lewis Telethon back in 1983. I should know, I wrote them. My oh my, have the times changed.
Comedy icons like Jerry Lewis, Jackie Mason, Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers, and even Woody Allen were able to work and hone material during weeklong stands in front of packed, tough crowds, creating the style and rhythm of what we now consider modern stand up comedy.