jerry moran

Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Jerry Moran proposed the Empowering Olympic and Amateur Athletes Act on Tuesday.
Jerry Moran of Kansas urged Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to find a better response than unreliable government aid.
The Kansan says he awaits the rewrite that's underway.
by Sara Swann The list of GOP senators unhappy with the initial draft of the Republican health care bill continues to grow
To anyone who follows politics, the Koch brothers are best known for spearheading a sprawling network of groups that invest millions in conservative, libertarian-leaning candidates and causes.
The Republican presidential nomination race has previously devolved to the level of an elementary school playground (penis-measuring in a national debate), and has now risen to at least high school (if not a college frat house) with the vicious battle going on between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz over who can insult each other's wives the most.
Some Republican lawmakers have called for Shinseki's resignation. They include Kansas Senator Jerry Moran, a member of the