Jersey City

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Same Sky employs and empowers women who were previously incarcerated and victims of genocide through the production of jewelry.
When I was starting out as an artist, I desperately wanted to get into shows. And I just couldn't. I didn't know anybody, and nobody would show my work. I wasn't very good at the time, and I had no idea how the so-called art world functioned.
If we're to accept George Santayana's dictum that those who forget the past are "condemned to repeat it," the U.S. should be extremely cautious about who we're arming and the deadly long-term effects that could easily blowback to the American homeland.
In part three of the "Meet the Darbis" series, a family of Syrian refugees shares how they are slowly assimilating into their New Jersey community.
The Darbi family shares how they feel about the hostility towards Muslims in America.
This is the quote that came to mind when I recently heard the prejudiced and bigoted remarks by current Republican presidential
A source that wishes to remain anonymous has indicated to this reporter that Donald Trump will be starring in a remake of a famous 1970 romance. The original, which is considered one the most tear-producing movies of all time, starred Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal.
To be sure, there are lots of reasons to utterly despise Trump. The litany of unconscionable racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic comments, as well as his buffoonish behavior, is more than enough. But now he's trampled on sacred ground.
Captivating urban artwork shows how graffiti breathes life into communities.
It is one thing to advocate for policy or legislation for which there is no cost, another to proactively take responsibility for finding additional funds for a small, misunderstood minority.
With the arrival of warm weather, I scoured the web for alternative races taking place near New York City and found out about the City Challenge Obstacle Race. As the fastest growing obstacle race in the Tri-State area, the City Challenge Obstacle Race hosts races in Jersey City, Hoboken, and New York City.
Under our plan, which is similar to what San Francisco has done, only 30 percent of commercial space in certain downtown areas can be rented to a business that has 10 other properties within 300 miles of Jersey City.
Working is critical: Many owe significant fines, court fees, and 85% of female ex-offenders have children to support. But for ex-offenders, getting a job through normal channels is next to impossible -- many lack hard skills and work experience, with nothing on their resume except their conviction.
The ACA is far more than a concept. It has become a right for the more than 8 million Americans who have gained coverage under the law. Now what conservatives are trying to do is rip away what can be literally life saving coverage.