Jersey City, New Jersey

The city has been slow in getting assistance out the door as a key deadline approaches.
As federal officials push cities to speed up the process, Jersey City has an unusual requirement that has resulted in the vast majority of applicants getting denied.
"We are standing together because we are one," said a Christian pastor and representative of the Brooklyn borough president.
Gov. Phil Murphy said the new law will make it clear that his state is committed to eliminating “hate in all its forms.”
"The Boss" proudly looked on as his youngest son joined the Jersey City Fire Department this week.
A bomb found in David Anderson and Francine Graham's van could have sprayed shrapnel fragments “five football fields long,” an FBI agent said.
Joseph Seals, a 40-year-old father of five, was fatally shot in what officials are describing as a domestic terrorism attack.
Not all sects of the fringe movement spew hateful rhetoric, but some Black Hebrew Israelites subscribe to an extreme set of anti-Semitic beliefs.
Satmar Jews' distinctive way of dressing is integral to practicing their faith ― but at the same time, it makes them targets for anti-Semitism.
Investigators recovered hundreds of shell casings and five firearms at the kosher market attack site, authorities said.