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You can just decide that beauty isn't important. And when you do, it's OK that some days you just cannot be positive. Some days you can just live in your body and give yourself space to be not ok at all. It's completely ok to look in the mirror and be sad that your stomach is a curtain for your pubic hair.
I'm fat. This excerpt is adapted from Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living by Jes Baker
"They can. And we do. And we will."
(Story continues below.) Body love activist Jes Baker was disappointed by the lack of diversity in Lane Bryant's #ImNoAngel
Baker hopes that her #LoveTheMirror campaign will inspire people to focus on loving themselves, no matter what is going on
Baker's reasoning? That body insecurity hinders personal and professional productivity -- and so the world is a better place
5. This video which proves that you can be an incredibly talented dancer at any size. "In the hundreds of ads that exist
"I need body love because I have wasted too much of my precious life disliking my body." -- Joanna, age 45 "I love my body
In a blog post introducing the second photo series, Baker wrote: Check out more images from the series here. Sexual attractiveness
I'm Smashing the Scale this year because today was dark and it had everything to do with hating my body and I'm done with
The series has struck a chord with many Militant Baker readers who feel that their bodies or relationships are invisible