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You can just decide that beauty isn't important. And when you do, it's OK that some days you just cannot be positive. Some days you can just live in your body and give yourself space to be not ok at all. It's completely ok to look in the mirror and be sad that your stomach is a curtain for your pubic hair.
I'm also your worst nightmare. I'm the reason you diet. I'm the reason you go to the gym. I'm your "thinspiration"... because
Baker gathered a group of diverse models, including herself, and worked with photographer Jade Beall to show what a truly
Is "love the mirror" on your list of things to accomplish in 2015? It should be. (Article continues below.) Check out more
Baker began blogging as a way to share her personal journey of acceptance, with the hope of creating an inclusive body-love
5. This video which proves that you can be an incredibly talented dancer at any size. When Whitney Thore gained 200 pounds
"I need body love because I'm not satisfied with my weight." -- Irma, age 95 “She needs body love because she should never
The creators hope that the images will spark dialogue about who is traditionally considered attractive, and open people's
As for why she is smashing the scale, Baker wrote: After Body Love Conference volunteer Kate Selby came up with the concept
The series has struck a chord with many Militant Baker readers who feel that their bodies or relationships are invisible