jess weiner

"It feels like it's all effect and no process."
Style & Beauty
I've been interested in confidence since I was a young girl. I suffered with body image issues and self doubt, and it inspired me to start a conversation and a community where we could make some changes.
Style & Beauty
Designer Carrie Hammer believes fashion has the power to spark social change. She not only creates custom garments for professional women to help them feel more confident, but actually sends those women down the Mercedes-Benz runway.
And then, I sat in this workshop. Led by Dove's Global Self-Esteem Ambassador Jess Weiner, its focus was on ways in which
The holidays are supposed to be all about comfort and joy, but they're more often about discomfort and self-disgust, at least for women. Not only 'tis the season to shop 'til you drop, 'tis also the season to overindulge, then beat yourself up for overindulging.
High School
Let's face it: most girls wage a daily war against the mirror. Studies have shown that a whopping 72 percent of girls feel
It is essential to women's emotional health to love their body in spite of the constant messages we get that we only deserve to do so if we are as thin as we are told to be. But somewhere along the way we lost the overall point.