A few weeks ago, on a breezy Saturday evening, my husband and I were spending time with our friend Israel in his apartment
Former Bravo reality show star, Jesse Jordan, from Workout, has a message for those who choose to do steroids: “Understand
I don't mean to brag, but I've liked sloths since before it was cool. Remember the teacup pig craze of 2009? I don't, because I was busy liking sloths.
Movies are escapist fantasies. While the world falls to pieces outside, you can feel uplifted by the magic unfolding on the silver screen. At least that's the idea. But Richard Linklater plunged us into reality instead for his latest movie, Before Midnight.
The stark beauty of this memoir hit me the moment I began. Marianne Leone's narrative, written with an unrelenting immediacy, yanked me into her world.
John Edwards, Tiger Woods, Jesse James, and our obsession with their bad behavior, are a symptom of a much deeper problem that the Groundhog Day feel of the news should shake us all to consider.
This week was intense! People had the best moments of their lives and the worst moments of their lives.