Jesse Matthew

Jesse Matthew Jr., a former college football player, had been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of abduction with intent to defile.
Schell also ordered court files sealed until the conclusion of the trial, and $2,000 in court funds allocated to the defense
In the past 12 months, Americans have met violent death at the hands of spree killers, haters of law enforcement, disturbed
The increased focus follows revelations that Jesse Matthew Jr., the suspect in the death of University of Virginia student
Legislators need to pass a law that will provide a guide for colleges and universities and require them to share information with each other and with law enforcement about campus sexual assaults. The detection of a pattern requires sufficient data and someone looking at that data. Right now we have neither.
There are lots of examples of this attack-and-escape pattern. Take a case making big headlines right now: Jesse Matthew Jr
Questions must be asked about Jesse Matthew's campus sexual assault cases. Change must come.
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter | Contact The Author That report was released just days after Lynchburg prosecutors
According to WSLS: The man charged with kidnapping missing UVA student Hannah Graham was involved in a sexual assault allegation