Jesse McCartney

The former teen heartthrob, now 30, returns with new music for the first time in four years.
Jesse McCartney joins HuffPost Live and talks about how he still gets carded when he goes out.
Jesse McCartney talks with Caitlyn about how Leona Lewis was the one who made "Bleeding Love" a hit.
Jesse McCartney talks with Caitlyn about the overwhelming support he receives from his fans.
From album charts to TV screens, Jesse McCartney is wooing teens with his singing and acting skills. The heartthrob joins HuffPost Live to give the scoop on what we should expect from his new album 'In Technicolor' and to tell us what's next.
As the legendary show heads into its 15th season, we took a look at the "Law and Order: SVU" celebrity guest stars by the
Why doesn't Lifetime receive more media attention for its Sunday night soap opera block, which features two of the most consistently entertaining serials on television, Army Wives and The Client List?
Almost a year to the day that Justin Bieber bit the proverbial (OK, literal) bullet(s) on "CSI", actor/musician Jesse McCartney
According to Duffy, "I was definitely aware during the introduction phase of my life, if you like, that I stood for something else. I wasn't fitting into the more cockney British movement."
2010-10-18-pull.jpgPlenty of people have told us about how young people feel this election cycle. Let's speak for ourselves now.