jesse owens

Jesse Owens, Tommie Smith and John Carlos all feature alongside the former 49ers quarterback in the actor's latest artwork.
Rooting yourself in unapologetic, self-loving Blackness is a continuous struggle.
Watch the president and first lady talk all things Olympics as they interview each other.
Before each of my races, standing alone on the starting line, waiting for the gunshot, I had Jesse Owens and Berlin on my mind. I would think of the time my own people were banned from the Olympic Stadium, simply for being Jewish.
As the TV news broadcast challenged its print counterpart for the attention of the viewing public, sports focused programs
The quality of the acting, the importance of the story, and the overall entertainment value it brings means it should be a smash hit. So get up and get out to see it in theaters on the big screen where it deserves to be seen.
Everything moves along smoothly in this film, which has a similar feel to the Jackie Robinson bio 42. The cinematography
Biopics are either really good or really cheesy. There's no in between with me. Imitating a person that you've studied for the role is really hard to do. In my opinion, the best biopics are of people unknown or those who are long dead - by like 20 years.
In the solitary moments when I wonder if I have wandered off course on a trail, I am an individual competing against only myself. Yet there is no escaping identity, whether of our invention or as imposed upon each of us.
Stephan James, who played Representative John Lewis in Selma, plays another 20th-century icon in Race, the story of Jesse Owens at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
Stephan James portrays Owens during the Nazi-impacted 1936 games.
Focus Pictures released the first teaser for Race on Tuesday, the new Jesse Owens biopic running into theaters next year
This past week, we mourned the heartbreaking tragedy in Charleston -- nine lives cut short by the heinousness of hate, one life providing a physical manifestation for the malice of malevolence. And our country is forced to look at itself in the mirror again.
For many of us, 2014 was an emotionally devastating year because of the seemingly continuous news stories of unarmed citizens falling victim to lethal police brutality. Many of us protested in 2014 and yet have not yet seen the change that wanted. So what are we going to do about it?
I came away from the film amazed by Zamperini's story but unimpressed by Jolie's film of it. My friend, however, was outraged