Warning: You are about to experience severe heartbreak and sadness. AMC also released an extended promo for "Better Call
In April, Jesse Pinkman answered the question, "Do you want to build a snowman?" in the way only he could. Now, Walter White
I do curse, actually. But more like a sailor and less like Paris Hilton. And normally not at my very small, precious, pigtailed children. Maybe AROUND them accidentally -- like when I can't get the front door open or drop something on my toe - but not AT them. Unless they secretly eat my ice cream, of course. But what I'm saying is -- barely ever.
Aaron Paul once again proves why he's the coolest guy ever. "Breaking Bad" is nominated for a ton of Emmys this year, and
Hollis is so different from Jesse Pinkman. What was it like to go from a major show to an action film with “Need for Speed
"We haven't talked about it," Paul said to HuffPost Entertainment. "I mean, we've joked around about it, but it's a prequel
"[I'll be in it] if they'll have me," Paul said. "It's a prequel, so it'd be nice to play Jesse Pinkman again in his happier
Walt fills barrels with cash Walt smokes weed as part of his cancer treatment Walt and José (Roberto Urbina) take off their
Long Live Heisenberg! Rejoice "Breaking Bad" Fans! You'll be getting more Walter White very soon! If you're still having
Check out the ultimate match-up to see who's really the king of the streets. RYU VS JESSE (A Street Fighter-Breaking Bad
A scene from Breaking Bad season 4, episode 9
A scene from Breaking Bad, season 4 episode 8
You're not the only one who misses Jesse Pinkman and the "Breaking Bad" gang. Aaron Paul does too. While Paul has moved on
Hollis has had a tough time. It probably doesn't help that he wears that Astros hat and that's such a sad team to root for
"Breaking Bad" fans, ever wonder about the origin of Aaron Paul's award-winning, meth-cooking character's name, Jesse Pinkman