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“I saw my own daughter’s face come to light and die in front of me,” the actor said during a 10-year reunion with the cast.
A few hundred dollars would have saved Aaron Paul from this horrific moment.
AMC also released an extended promo for "Better Call Saul" on Saturday to give fans a taste of the new series. Check out
In April, Jesse Pinkman answered the question, "Do you want to build a snowman?" in the way only he could. Now, Walter White
I do curse, actually. But more like a sailor and less like Paris Hilton. And normally not at my very small, precious, pigtailed children. Maybe AROUND them accidentally -- like when I can't get the front door open or drop something on my toe - but not AT them. Unless they secretly eat my ice cream, of course. But what I'm saying is -- barely ever.
Aaron Paul once again proves why he's the coolest guy ever. "Breaking Bad" is nominated for a ton of Emmys this year, and
Written and directed by Kat Candler, "Hellion" is an expansion of her previous Sundance-selected short of the same name. She
Paul previously said he had "serious talks" with Vince Gilligan about returning to Jesse, but downplayed those conversations
"Better Call Saul" follows Saul Goodman, the crooked lawyer introduced in Season 2 of "Breaking Bad," but Paul warns that