Jesse Tyler Ferguson

A representative for the "Modern Family" star said he and his husband became a family of three this week
The five-time Emmy nominee made the surprise announcement Wednesday on "The Late Late Show With James Corden."
The "Modern Family" star is finding creative ways to incorporate LGBTQ advocacy into his latest work, including bow ties, Broadway and a Taylor Swift video cameo.
The "Modern Family" star is pressing for the LGBTQ bill, so no one's rights are "determined by what side of the state line they're on."
Christopher Lloyd promises it will be a "moving event."
Though the experience was "traumatizing," the "Modern Family" star's journey is beautiful.
The "Modern Family" star unveils a wedding tie line in support of LGBTQ rights.
Photo is of Producer Scott Sanders with his Tony Award on the terrace of Hudson Terrace. I decided to skip the big Hamilton
The office we look upon never changes, but Ferguson's frantic pace makes you think this small room is larger than its limited size and scope. Scenic designer Derek McLane injected just enough details and depth to the background that audience members have just enough bordering on too much to look at, interpret, and take in. It all comes together nicely like a well-planned reception.