jesse watters

The former ESPN host popped up on Jesse Watters' Fox News show to offer eyebrow-raising commentary.
The GOP congresswoman spoke to Fox News' Jesse Watters about being caught on camera vaping and causing a disturbance at a “Beetlejuice” production.
The Fox News host insisted the radio veteran, who emphatically embraced the term, just "doesn’t understand what woke is."
The Fox News host made "Dark Brandon" accusations about Joe Biden that riled up people on Twitter.
The prime-time host inflated the importance of the conservative network to an extreme, critics on Twitter said.
The long-shot Democratic presidential candidate asked the question about Trump's mug shot that many may be thinking.
"I'm almost impressed that they have all come up with this," the MSNBC anchor said, singling out Jesse Watters' comments as particularly awful.
The Fox News anchor's flub is "just another case of their propaganda and lying to their viewers," artist Chris Veal told HuffPost.
The Fox News host also appeared to borrow a line from "Seinfeld" before praising the former president's looks.
The ex-president's team gave a questionable defense for his ominous warning after he appeared in court for conspiracy charges related to the 2020 election.