Jesselyn Radack

National Bird, a documentary film about America’s drone wars by filmmaker Sonia Kennebeck, airs May 1 at 10 pm on your local
My book was critical of actions in Iraq under both the Obama and Bush administrations. One helped protect the other. The
Snowden is a helluva movie, kicking an audience's ass on a number of levels. I had a chance to see the film at a preview event; it opens everywhere on September 16. Go see it.
Throughout the week, we discussed the problem of pernicious governmental, corporate and other top-down secrecy involved in globalization that enables large-scale wrongdoing and keeps citizens in the dark about it, making effective solutions and real democracy, and even our collective security, impossible.
Some foes of mass surveillance have been celebrating the final passage of the USA Freedom Act, but Thomas Drake sounds decidedly glum. The new law, he tells me, is "a new spy program." It restarts some of the worst aspects of the Patriot Act.
The mass media have suddenly discovered Jeffrey Sterling -- after his conviction Monday afternoon as a CIA whistleblower. At age 47, he is facing a very long prison sentence. As a whistleblower, he has done a lot for us.
There has long been a double standard of administrations condemning unsanctioned disclosures while leaking to reporters when
Holder said in an interview on MSNBC on Thursday the United States would not consider the idea of amnesty for Snowden "where
Reitman, whose piece appeared in the Rolling Stone for which Sean Wilentz is also contributor, gave a much more diplomatic
CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin raised eyebrows on Tuesday when he compared the partner of Glenn Greenwald to a "drug mule."
Miranda said he didn't know what was on the files that were confiscated. "I was just taking materials back to Glenn," he
Although he was vindicated on Thursday, he was no longer relaxed. The latest news about the NSA's surveillance program “has
Kiriakou told ABC in 2007 that he thought waterboarding was something the U.S. "needed to do," but said he has since changed
He defended the agency's conduct in the ABC News interview, though he said he later came to the conclusion that torture violated
"The answer is not to have even more leak investigations," she said. "The answer is to take a serious look at what the administration
In a 2004 story, Mother Jones provided even more context: Radack is standing by other past actions as well, telling Washingtonian
Former NSA senior official Thomas Drake is a whistleblower. Through legal and proper channels, he disclosed massive corruption, gross waste and mismanagement to tune of billions of taxpayer dollars, and widespread illegal domestic surveillance.
The destruction of the CIA tapes has raised questions about whether CIA officials withheld information from Congress, the courts and the Sept. 11 commission about aspects of the program.