Jessica Capshaw

Let's just say Arizona Robbins will not be killed off anytime soon.
"Grey's Anatomy" fans may be weeping over the thought of Sandra Oh leaving at the end of Season 10, but perhaps this hilarious
Shonda Rhimes is a busy lady, but when she's not working on her two hit ABC dramas, "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal," she's trying to calm the masses on Twitter who scream questions at her in all caps and then, get angry when they don't like the answers. It's funny to watch it unfold, time and time again, but mostly, that level of passionate fandom is a testament to the characters Rhimes has created on both series.
"Grey's Anatomy" Season 10 premieres Thursday, September 26 at 9 p.m. ET with a two-hour episode. "Scandal" Season 3 premieres
Beautiful actress Jessica Capshaw plays Dr. Arizona Robbins on ABC's Grey's Anatomy. Jessica was in New York City last week on a whirlwind press and pleasure trip. She donned some pretty and stylish looks -- check out the beauty breakdown for each one here!
Ultimately, it's been a tremendous gift to be given material that is as challenging as this if you feel like you can come
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When Episode 2 of Season 9 airs this week, "Grey's" goes back to the rescue aftermath and, as we see in the trailer, Arizona
Though the doctors at Seattle Grace aren't typically smiling, the video above of the"Grey's Anatomy" cast certainly
When "Grey's Anatomy" fans last saw Mark in the Season 8 finale, he was stuck in the forrest with Derek, Meredith Grey (Ellen
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Capshaw has been married to Gavigan, founder of The Honest Co. and former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World, since 2004
Looks like the Twittersphere has gotten swept up in the Santa Ana Winds, too. With damage spanning across Los Angeles county
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