jessica lange

The Tony Award nominee hopes starring in David Yazbek's musical adaptation of the 1982 film will impact a future generation of performers.
The acrimony between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis is fun, but painful, too.
'Enjoy the View'--The Final Recording by Jazz Master Bobby Hutcherson / 1941-2016 (Part 2) And for the seventh year, JALC
Gloria Estafan, 58, led the cast of "On Your Feet," which is based n the life of Estefan and her husband. Jessica Lange, 67
Movie icon--and lately best known for her role on American Horror Story-- Jessica Lange has performed on Broadway only twice
What confuses me is that producers, theater owners, journalists, etc. are all sharing in this outrage without admitting, even to themselves, they helped create the monster.
This is a welcome opportunity to see the play, and the chance to see a top-flight performance by Jessica Lange. But when you leave Long Day enthusing about the actress playing Mary Tyrone -- well, that doesn't seem to be where O'Neill was heading.