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Almost half of the world's population is comprised of people under the age of 25. Young people are a powerful force for generating momentum behind global engagement, global development, and the fulfillment of the Post-2015 Millennium Development Goals.
"Now, there's one simple trick that you can do to both front and lateral raises that's easy to do and super effective," she
If you vowed to get in better shape this year, you may have adopted a new workout routine or stepped up your old one to try
I voted for President Obama twice. I voted for him the first time because I thought he would clean up Wall Street. Instead
The idea for the SOCCKET came about when Matthews and her classmates were kicking a soccer ball around during a brainstorming
Influencers and Innovation: Jessica Matthews discusses how she is using technology for social good, with the invention of the SOCCKET, a durable, energy-harnessing soccer ball.
"I remember thinking, 'I can't fail! My GPA needs to be right for grad school!'" Matthews told The Huffington Post. "So we
Four Harvard students are betting that the popularity of soccer around the globe can help reduce the use of kerosene. They