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Sascha Seinfeld had a sweet moment with proud Mom and Dad on her big night.
The comedian has two sons and a daughter with his wife, Jessica Seinfeld.
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Jessica Seinfeld joins HuffPost Live to discuss the launch of her charity organization, GOOD+ Foundation. Check out the livestream
Shandling and Jerry Seinfeld were "dear, old" friends.
She founded the charity 14 years ago in order to provide families in need with essentials like clothing, products and services
YOU expect to see Jessica Seinfeld at fancy galas, turned out in designer gowns and stiletto pumps, smiling for the camera
"Gwyneth Paltrow is an amazing cook," Seinfeld quickly responded. "She's one of my great friends and is truly an amazing
Jessica Seinfeld joins Abby in studio to talk about her good friend and fellow cook, Gwyneth Paltrow.
In order to help give your mom -- or yourself -- that sweet little escape, we've complied a list of the best cookbooks written by moms for your mom or yourself.
Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Seinfeld cohosted an evening of shopping to benefit Seinfeld's charity Baby Buggy at the Balenciaga
What's the deal with the cookbook lady's lawsuit against Jessica Seinfeld? Missy Chase Lapine wants her plagiarism suit against
Jerry Seinfeld sounds like a great dad! His insightful comments were a revelation to me, especially considering that his show was about a single male living in New York.
On being a dad to three kids (Sascha, 9, Julian, 6, and Shepherd, 4): "Look at these guys. They're going out there to test
The whole Seinfeld clan plus Mariska Hargitay, Hugh Jackman and Melania Trump and their kids showed up Tuesday night in NYC
Lawyers for an author who accuses Jerry Seinfeld's wife of stealing her cookbook idea want a sitdown with the standup comic
Read more on NY Post Seinfeld didn't slander the woman who accused his wife of ripping off her cookbook, he said in legal