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My year away from the office showed me just how toxic these environments are to women.
The general strike will take place on March 8th, International Women's Day.
Is this not a case of injustice collecting and is anyone who makes such a point to the author, just another online harasser? What's the exact crime? Looking at women's or men's bodies?
"It impacts us in such huge ways that we haven’t even begun to understand."
Researchers continue to debate the nature vs. nurture dynamics of these gender differences in sleep and dreaming. But one thing we do know with a high degree of confidence is that dreams tend to reflect people's most pressing emotional concerns in waking life.
The very personal nature of these comments remind us just how tough it is to be a woman with an opinion on the Internet. Watch
She the rest of the stunning illustrations below. "It was a great opportunity, then, to depict women of color with their
Having been at the center of a few online shitstorms myself, here's my advice for dealing with criticism.
When a writer like New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait feels it necessary to whine in print about his and other (mostly well