Jessie Jackson

The civil rights activist said he will be making "lifestyle changes" to slow the disease's progression.
Abiding by Reverend Jesse Jackson's famous words is becoming increasingly difficult.
Bill Maher's use of the word was a failure, both personally and comedically.
Current Black leadership could use an infusion of up-and-coming stars to push the movement forward.
Opposition to Obama's Net Neutrality statement has come from unlikely bedfellows ranging from Sen. Ted Cruz to Rev. Jesse Jackson. With so much nonsense, the editors of our most established newspapers have stepped into the fray to set the record straight. Well, not exactly.
What the Duck Dynasty controversy illustrates most strongly is that we are more alike than different. Racism and homophobia and sexism all have things in common.
Thomas infuses his passion for the music, poetry, and recorded rhetoric with a weighty reverence for the events and attitudes that shaped a generation. His mission started out quite innocently.
In response to Fox's childish and embarrassing ad in the Washington Post that challenged competitors' coverage of the 9/12 teabaggers, CNN is airing this equally chilidish and embarrassing ad.